Changeover and Drumming

We said goodbye to many of our friends, campers and counselors, this morning, and greeted the new group who arrived just in time for lunch.
One group went horseback riding, and another made ice cream with Vicky.

Peter provides the stability while the others crank away.

And yes, they all washed their hands.
It turned out pretty yummy. 
It was a beautiful day for riding, and petting horses, and hanging out at the stables. We did it all.

Erin rode 2 times. the second time bareback.

After unpacking all those nice, clean, folded clothes and stuffing them into boxes, we headed out to a late afternoon at the beach with a cookout and drumming.
We got rained out the last 2 times, so it was great to finally have good weather.

Kirk and Andy have a manly chat.

Tony has his hands full.

New camper Claire is busy making a counselor trap.
She caught Chris and was delighted that it made her and Chris the same height.

John prepares a gourmet feast.

Happy Birthday Becca! Funfetti cupcakes!!

We need to have birthdays more often.

Josh goes on an adventure with Margaret and Nora.

And here are the drummers, with their biggest fan below.
Well, he’s Jude’s biggest fan.

We love dancing on the beach. We actually love dancing anywhere.

Welcome, Adena.

Otto is new, too. He likes dancing and drumming.


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