Here’s The Play!

So, we had standing room only, and it was a hot and enthusiastic crowd.
We had some surprise additions to the script, but that’s what makes it fun.
It’s too difficult to explain, so go rent Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and you’ll get the general idea.
Ours was better.
The pictures are in no particular order, which doesn’t help either.

Folks from the future.

The mean parents. They look the part.

The Phantom and Christina

Adam provided percussion with pizazzz.

He wants to talk to you about your dreams.

A classroom of wise guys. Every teacher’s dream.

Napoleon and Ted duel it out.

So-crates and Playdough join the group.

This is either Lewis or Clark. Not sure. They were up the river in canoe with Pocahontas.
See below.

The magical time travel phone booth kills the Phantom.
(This is not in the movie.)

Of course there were princesses.

Joan of Arc bests G. Khan. Go Joan.

Beethoven has flying fingers. (20 of them)

We had some dancing of course.

Our wonderful and professional looking director/writer/studio cleaner/cheerleader Brie.

Welcome to the saloon. Here, have a drink.

The rocking Wyld Stallions!!!

Billy the Kid calls Nora a yellow bellied lizard liver.

Gotta have a Fogey photo.


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