One Excellent Fishing Trip

This morning was dedicated to the play.
We perfected our lines, dance moves and costumes.
After lunch, of course we hung at the beach.
But then, we took our dinner to O.B. and some of us went fishing on the Skipper. We love the Skipper. We cranked up the music, threw some lines in the water, and reeled them in.
We had a blast.
The others roamed the streets of Oak Bluffs in search of ice cream and the arcade. Everyone was happy  with their activities.
We are so ready for action.

Now wait, maybe it’s the big one!
Some of us are not so thrilled with baiting hooks.

And now the fun begins…..

You look like a fish, and you smell like one toooooo……

Gage is delighted with his first catch, and second and third.

Someone has to catch seaweed. But twice?
That’s close enough.

It was this big!

Kirk reels his in.

Finally, a real catch.

Thank you Captain John. Rock on.


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