Our last jam-packed day of week one.

We filled our day with exciting activities. 
We split the group and played a rip snorting game of Bingo and met Christine from the Audubon Society who brought some friends to visit.

Skip’s hoping the prize is a Pepsi. (It’s not)

This guy’s over 40. Looks good for his age.

Hey, where’d he go?

And it was a beautiful day at the beach.

Tony and Kirk arm wrestle. (It’s a guy thing)

Paul’s going in. Bye.

The view’s good from here. 
And then there was baseball.

Gracie scores!

This game is so intense. And the players so competitive. Or not.

You can almost hear the roar from the fans.

Can’t have a ball game without some root beer.

Throw it to Kirk!

The End.(s)

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