Sat + Sun = Lots of Photos

On Saturday morning the entire camp descended upon Vineyard Haven to join the Where’s Waldo contest. They had to visit 15 stores in town and find that elusive striped guy. Some of us got distracted in the ice cream shop and found other things instead.

I spy a Waldo!

Hannah spies a ticket.

I spy a winner.

Josh spies a Pepsi.

We spy a camera.

Grace spies one sticking out of a purse.

I spy a Skipper.

I spy some bros.

And Miah loves spying everything.
We had lots of fun and may even win something.

Today, after lunch, we ventured to the beach, but it was a short visit.
Just a bit cold and windy.

We went to the band concert after dinner, and hoped that we wouldn’t be in another crazy rain storm.

But, no worries. Just a few sprinkles.
We had raincoats this time.


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