Excuses, Excuses

So, here are my excuses for not blogging yesterday. Some of them are true.
I was organizing/alphabetizing/throwing stuff out of the laundry all day.
I was stuck in the Tabernacle after the Vineyard Sound concert with the rest of the camp waiting for the downpour to stop and got home after 11:pm.
The power was out at camp.
I was abducted by aliens.
So, the storm was amazing (the concert was pretty good too) and the campers and counselors took it all in stride, running through puddles and laughing as they got drenched. The screams that were heard were of pure joy.
Here are the photos from basketball on Friday night.
Fogey led us in the national anthem.

“..and the home of the brave.”

Chris demonstrates NOT running with wheelchairs.

Brie likes to share.

Somebody brought those obnoxious blow up sticks that when banged together incessantly makes a person want to scream .

Paul is called out at first. Oh, that’s a different game.

We call it basketball, but it’s more like rugby. With smiles.

There was perhaps a bit of cheating….

Fogey makes his annual basket.

The counselors before the fun begins.

And here we are. One big happy sweaty group.
No hugs please.

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