Day One and Here They Come!

Finally, it’s time to welcome the campers back for another summer of surprises.
I was going to tell you all what we are going to do, but that would ruin the surprise.
So you’ll just have to keep tuning in to see what we’re up to.
We hope to keep our friends and families up to date on the fun we’re having.
(And to assure them that we really are where we said we’d be)
We also want to tell our counselors who aren’t with us that they should be here 
with us and forget about those stinking jobs and schools and that grown up stuff.
(But we would never say that)
We are ready to head to the ferry to welcome the campers and make a scene.

Paul, Kirk and Cy joined the party.
Everyone’s smiling today.
Real men do wear pink. Right, Mac?
I’m not sure what Kirk’s hat is, but we could make some guesses. 
We headed to the beach after unpacking. (better known as stuffing clothes into boxes and taking naps)
The weather was clear and warm and we dashed (this word has various definitions at camp)
into the water to cool off and hang out.
We also watched the cooks carefully so we wouldn’t miss our meal. (like that would happen)
Fogey leads the pack.

Annie flings some burgers on the grill.
The Kennedy men are ready to do some flippin’.

Craig is happy to hear that Kristen’s on her honeymoon.
Yes, I realize Paul is upside down. But I was so impressed with how lovely his teeth are.
Good job Dad! 

Kip is not going home. He likes his new friends.

Nice shades, ladies.
So, how many campers does it take to fill a boat?
Wait, I’m calling the coast guard!
Josh is having some sweet dreams.

Kirk pops a wheelie.

So, we swam, ate, watched the storm clouds come in, ran for the vehicles,
sang in the rain, and drummed in the studio.
Of course, the drumming photos would not load because the computer and camera
stopped communicating. Again. Maybe they’ll be friends tomorrow.

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