More of the same old song but it sounds so good…

… like the Beatles! Here’s a song for you to listen to while you look at the blog. Don’t look at their slideshow, though, look at ours.

We’re still basking in the glow of the parade, so here are some pictures that Ken Holbert took on the big day!

And today a group of us went sunset kayaking, and here are Ken’s pictures from that as well. Thank you, Ken! And a belated but gigantic welcome to Nurse Sarah, Dr. Ken, and Dr. Barb Holbert who have joined us for the last two weeks to heal all ailments and take pictures of it. You are the best family!

It was Shirley’s first time in a canoe EVER! She loved it so much.

Today we also went to the Edgartown Theater to see a private showing of Brave, which made everyone miss their moms and Celtic heritage.
Hooray! What a good day.


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