The Parade.


But let’s rewind.

Two days ago, we had changeover day and said goodbye to many beautiful people and hello to many more! Then we got our bathing suits on immediately and went to SOMEONE’S house for a pool party, which was incredibly nice and we tried really hard not to poop in the pool. We think that we succeeded.

During the pool party, we talked about what we all wanted to be for the parade, and decided on all of our LONDON OLYMPICS 2012 costumes and floats! Then the campers got all bundled in their beds and the counselors made a lot of coffee and got down to work. We spent almost all of the 3rd working on the parade, and it was so worth it!! Here are a billion pictures of…everything; prep to parade.

Skylar is back!!!!

Here’s Jessica and Marquisha learning Kendra’s dance moves


Welcome back, Emily! Our chairs have never been better stacked.

We started a camper fight club to relieve some pre-parade tension.

yesss thank you Emily!

HEY GUESS WHAT, Leif is here too!

and so is DOM!

Here’s a shot of our float, we won BEST FLOAT and got $1000 to blow on candy and hookers! Just kidding, we don’t eat candy here.

The queen of England paid us a visit in honor of the 2012 London Olympics

HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to Michael for building the boxing ring and fixing our door and helping with the crew shell and lifting our campers and doing so many things! You’re the best!

Shirley is back too!! We’ve missed her laugh so much.

And thank goodness Bethie is back, too! 

Sue was concerned her voice wouldn’t be heard at the parade, so we made her a megaphone

Look at these best friends/cabin mates


Our boxing contenders!

Marie we’re so happy you’re back and we love singing songs with you

Myles B. went as Michael Phelps and showed off his medals and bod to the crowds in Edgartown


Hi, Lyle.

The babies debuted in the parade, too!!

They look about the right age to compete… right?

Sean is here and making a splash! Sorry for such a lame joke, Sean.

Jonathan Herzog is also back again and got to be in his first parade, which he loved!



Hello Italian Crew Team!

After the parade we will sleep for probably 4 days. Just kidding, 4 hours. See you tomorrow!


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