Last night, we had our Mardi Gras themed prom night! We showered, primped, and covered our bodies in glitter to meet up with our dates and head to the main cabin porch for drinks and appetizers, followed by a romantic candlelit dinner at Le Bayou restaurant. Our beloved chefs Josh and Cynthia treated us to a New Orleans style shrimp, crawfish, and dirty rice dinner.

After stuffing our faces and drinking 3 cups of coffee, we all headed to the studio to dance our asses off and scream every Katy Perry song. It was our best night yet!

We parted ways with our dates, tried to shower off the glitter, and slept very well in preparation for MARQUISHA AND JESSICA’S ARRIVAL!! They came all the way from Camp Looking Glass to spend the next two weeks showing us how to twerk. We definitely need their help.


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