Sharks, Soft Serve and Sound

Due to the spoilers in Tuesday’s blog, we’re only going to talk about the absolute highlights of that day. Like Hannah
Elke with a tree

Jakob being too awesome

Stefanie gets ambushed by Ho children.

Yesterday was stupendous. We woke up to hot breakfast and headed to the MV Sharks baseball game! After some heckling and lemonade, our very own Mike, Jake, Kevin, Arran, Harry, and Peter joined a hot dog-eating competition. It was intense.

Arran “Wild Card” Lastname won!!! Nobody saw it coming. Nobody saw us take these mugs either.

After that, most of us went to Menemsha for ice cream! A few of us went kayaking with Dr. Steve, and then all of us enjoyed Vietnamese cuisine and THE VINEYARD SOUND.

ooh yeah

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