First Session Camp Dates Summer 2012

Hi All –

Camp is right around the corner!!

“How can you say that,” you might ask.  It’s January.  It’s cold.  It gets dark at 4:30.”

Yes, all of these things are true.  BUT – camp dates are out!!

The first session of Camp Jabberwocky Summer 2012 will be … *drum roll, please, folks*

                                   June 18th to July 16th !!!!
                                    (play on 13th and 14th)

“That’s early,” you say.

Yes, it’s about a week earlier than usual.  But that allows the second session counselors time to enjoy the WHOLE session before having to head back to college…

So, MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  Tell your friends about the play!!  Camp is right around the corner!

Jabberwocky love,


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