Pool Party!

Today we hung out at the Fialkow home.
We had so much fun we could barely stand it.

I see Skipper has things under control.
Holly looks just a bit nervous.

Mac and Michael hang out.

Harland and Bekah catch up.

We know how to fill a pool.

Perfect timing.

Wait, you’re throwing Bekah in the pool?

A little lunch, a little nap.

We had our usual assortment of races after lunch.
You know, wheelchair wheelbarrel, spanky -behind,
3-legged race with and without wheelchairs,
and sack races, with and without wheelchairs.
And, there was hardly any cheating.

I told you there was 3-legged wheelchair races.
I didn’t believe it either.

We had a few crashes and many laughs.

I don’t know who thought this one up.

Thank you Fialkcows and friends.

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