Lots of Galumphing Around Today

Today we were busy, busy, busy.
Campers went in all directions, but don’t worry,
counselors went too.
We are very tired.
Tomorrow I’ll post the fishing photos.
This was a photo-full day.
One of the trips after a quick breakfast was to Cape Pogue Lighthouse.
We took the Chappy ferry, transferred to the open-air buses,
and traveled over the sand to view nature, houses of the rich and famous
and of course, the lighthouse.

Who wants to go up?

There’s the ladder at the top.
The first step is a doozy.

What a view. Molly LOVES heights.

It’s way up.
Coming down is even more scary.

A couple of the cabins went out to breakfast. Yum..

After dinner, a group went up to Aquinnah for sunset and french fries.

Many of us went back to Cape Pogue for some kayaking.
It was beautiful.
No one fell out, but John and Holly
had to paddle their canoe backwards to get back.

Jeremy knows how to relax.

Good night. More fun tomorrow.

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