And Here It Is, "The Sound of the West Side On the Hill"

Peter started the evening with a rendition of
“The Jabberwock”

Then we heard the chimes of the clock.

Those dancing Marias are late again!

The nuns decide how to solve their problem.

Here are those kids who love being in trouble.

The Von Trapps (Sharks) fight with the Jets.
It was pretty convincing. Good thing the Captain
arrived in time to break it up.

Philip sings “Maria”. He’s so in love.

The Captain is very hopeful that things will turn out ok.

The Marias are joined in their bedroom by the children,
and they all sing, “A Few of my Favorite Things”

Those Marias are so cute and talented.

Captain von Trapp loves his unruly bunch.
Sam helps him figure out how to get them under control.

” Do, a deer, a female deer….”

The pirates offer to help the Jets
prevent the Sharks from winning the Talent Show.

That parrot looks a bit like Jeremy.
What a squawker.

Those judges look suspiciously like pirates,
who are supposed to keep the Von Trapps from winning.

Josh sang “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria”
but, since we already solved the problem, he didn’t win.

Miah sang “Rock of Ages” but the nuns got sent back to the convent.

The winning number – Kum-Ba-Ya.
It brought the judges to tears.

Sarah entered the show with her friends,
but got kicked out for being a professional.

We ended with singing and dancing to “Single Ladies” and “Larger Than Life”

The writers and directors, Brie and Zach.
Nice job, you two.

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