Home, Home on the Farm

Today we visited Native Earth Farm

Let’s go find us some animals!

I can’t resist. So, why did the chicken…..

So, is this chicken hairy or feathery?

Yes, it’s so cute. No, you cannot take it back on the bus.
Marge plays peek-a-boo with a pig.
Emmy gives it a try,
The babies keep toasty.
Now if we had a quilt, they would be pigs in….

Now kids, play nicely.

Philip’s keeping his distance.
Might be one of those gruff ones.

Jeremy admires his beard.

Have to have a cat to chase those 3 blind …
Here are the cabin photos and other faces you might see around camp, that is, if you were here.

Here are Jackie, Alice, and Allison, our day counselors who help out everywhere.
The lunch and kitchen crew.
Tony was here so he missed his cabin photo. So just pretend you see him in two places. ok?

The Mimsy girls
G & G look happy at the beach.

Slithy Toves, or Smelly Toes, depending on the time of day.
Do all those guys from Tulgy Wood live in that tent? With Tony too?

And here’s a combo deal, straight from Vineyard Vines.
Momeraths and Bandersnatch.
Somehow, Jub Jub missed the casting call, so look for them another day.
Also need to get a photo of Mac 1 & 2, who were busy building a shower.

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