It’s All About The Play. . . And A Little Golfing

This morning we played with our play theme.

We’ve started advertising for our camp play!
Gracie and Zoe have made some beautiful signs!

The play is going to be on Monday August 8th at 7pm.
In case you can’t tell from the picture.

And of course, to put on a play, we need to have play practice.

Is Jeremy’s line “I’ll be sleeping like a Ben tonight”?

Nathan and Meghan look fully engaged in the rehearsal.
BTW, the rehearsal was in the yurt.
Anna led the “Single Ladies” dance.
Anna had to leave today.
Anna, come back!
We miss you!
We went mini-golfing after a full day at the beach and a “Thanksgiving dinner.”

Joshua is a new camper this year.
He was great at mini-golf!
It looks like Richard is going to chop the ball in half.

Chris liked mini-golf, but he was really looking forward to doing sit-ups with Daniel.
The tension in the crowd is palpable!
James is going for a hole in many.

These guys were always thinking up new ways to cheat.
Robbie M., Jeremiah, and Richard–a deadly trio!!
Camp really took over the whole course.

Stylish and athletic

Gary is the next Tiger Woods!
Lyle is his caddy.

Stretching, or square dancing?

Hey, where’d the ball go?

Emmy and her peeps.

It’s not shark week; it’s pink whale week!
A well-deserved rest for Corey.
He’s been working hard.

It takes four counselors to get Emmy through the spooky tunnel on the course.
The bench warmers.

After the 18th hole, we had ice cream. A perfect end to a perfect day!

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