Sundays Are For Resting

Today, we took it easy. After a late breakfast, some of us went to church, some hung out.
We then spent about 8 hours or so at the beach, relaxing some more.
After another delicious dinner (thanks and goodbye to guest cooks Cathy and Cindy) we went to the band concert to hear Mac (and the other musicians) play some old time favorites.

Sarah, Brianna and Nora arriving for the band concert in Oak Bluffs.
Carina and Craig are really excited to see Mac perform!
Can you spot him?
Erin, probably exhausted from busting so many moves while marching around the gazebo.
James Brown goofing around as usual.
Go Sarah, go Sarah, go Sarah!
Margaret and Nathan take a twirl.
Robbie and Claire make a great pair.
Michael and Joey prepare to take on the crowds.
Mike why the long face? Justin is enjoying himself!
I don’t wanna be a chicken, I don’t wanna be a duck so kiss my butt!
Some of the lovely ladies of “Stinky Toves”
Kristen and James stargazing
Dr. Tom stargazing as well?

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