Studio Night – Jabberwocky’s Got Talent!

Our sport this morning was frisbee and ladder golf.

Today’s art class was a take on the Magic School Bus.
Of course, it was the Magic Camp Bus.
It went everywhere.

Sloan and Tina’s bus went to Colorado to Jaz’s wedding.

Miah’s bus went to a volcano. Hot stuff.
Paul’s went to the beach.
Others went to a bakery, to the moon, to Columbia, on the ferry and under the sea.

Tonight’s entertainment was Studio Night.
As usual, it was unbelievably superfabulous.
Kristen hosted the evening with style.

“Walter Childs” wowed us with fantastic magic tricks.

Fogey did his monkey dance.

Robbie and Nick solved an arson case and locked the criminals up.

Momeraths thrilled us.

Jerry Springer created a ruckus.

Slithy Toves sang about Stacy’s Mom.

G & G gave us their version of the evening news.

Mimsy hosted a wedding of the Brittany Spears twins.

Sloane practices her bridesmaid skills.

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