A little behind, but better late than never right?

Here are some pictures from Parade day set up and switch over day.  Sorry they’re late!!  Hope everyone’s been having a nice weekend!  Stay tuned for more pictures from the parade and other Jabberwocky events this week!!  Jabberwocky Love!
 Beautiful Ballerina Monkeys!

 Hillary the Bear resting before doing her bicycle tricks!
 The parade starts over there!
 A little hairspray in your mouth, Brynn?!
 Popcorn seller Marie
 Matt getting his clown face on.
 Lion tamer Sky!
 Stefanie the fortune teller
 Dick the monkey!
 MB as a Siberian tiger.  So beautiful!!
 Scott as an elephant playing the drums!!
 Caroline and Susie really out-did themselves this year.  Doesn’t this look exactly like the animal cracker box?!
 Our huge elephant float, driven by JWo and Hellcat!
 Jake’s butt
 Switchover day!  It was sad saying bye to some of our friends, but we’re happy to see these new faces after a whole year!  Hi Leif!!
 Day 1 and look at all the people in the water!
 Seth and Brian making new friends at the beach!
 Skylar and Cora hanging out before drumming on the beach
 Chillin’ with some old and new friends!
 Above photo by Jason Lopes
 The bus!
 State Beach is boppin’!


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