Rainy Wednesday

Well it rained on and off all day- but that never stops Jabberwocky from making their way around Martha’s Vineyard.  The day started off with a camp-wide kickball game.  The Battle of the Sexes was a very evenly matched battle- but the girls triumphed in the end (though some believe the men did not get their last ups).  A rematch may be in order on that one. Pictures to come on that.

After lunch we all headed down to Oak Bluffs to do some shopping, get ice-cream, and ride the Flying Horses. 

 David finally made it to camp today!!  We were all excited to see him.  He won 1000 tickets at the game room!!  What an awesome first day!

 Walking around the campgrounds in OB
 Pete got the brass ring!
 This was where Jabberwocky originated!
Van ride home- made it just in time!  It rained the rest of the day!
We had dinner with Hellcat- camp’s founder, and a lot of other fun guests.  We ate some amazing food, prepared with love by our cook Cynthia and her friends.   After that we watched a movie!  Nice way to end a rainy day!

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