Summer Solstice!!

 Claire led a bug collecting class… unfortunately everyone was too scared to actually pick up the bugs… you’re welcome bugs.

 Failed attempts at bug catching

 Myles was the keeper of the habitat!
 We made a group nature drawing in art!

Counselor head-butting
 Ryno made some great pottery today!  Last day of being 29!

Yoga with Peter- he’s been practicing for this moment all year

 I’ve barely seen Bubba using his chair this summer.  He’s been awesome walking all over the place.  We are all so proud of you Bubba!!  Keep it up!!
 Tonight we celebrated the Summer Solstice with some old and new island friends.  We listened to poetry, heard some awesome music, and danced to Rick and his friends’ awesome drumming.  We packed dinner so we could stay as long as possible!
 Mike got the poetic itch and did an impromptu reading for everyone- it was interesting!

Fire dancer at the end of the night.  A few counselors and campers stayed to watch- and it was definitely worth the wait!  
So as you can see, it was a busy day at Jabberwocky!  Never a dull moment- and that’s how we like it!   Check back tomorrow!

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