Mike’s Play goes public…

another update from Maggie Raemer….


The other exciting adventure I had this month was when a bunch of July

counselors took a road trip to Williamstown, MA. Our very own, Mike

Leon wrote a play called, Ghost in the Machine which was begin

performed at Williams College. The play was amazing and it was great

to see it, visit Williams, and hang out with the cast! We were all

very impressed with Mike’s play-writing talents.


So Mike, CONGRATULATIONS on your play!  it’s amazing that you wrote one, first of all… not very many people can do that …

and then that it actually was PERFORMED?  Kudos to you, my friend!  I hope you know that those us who weren’t there with you to watch the performance still support your talents, abilities, and courage.

Congrats again!

Jabberwocky love,


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