Kendra’s Columbus Day Weekend

a note from our own Maggie Raemer about a fun-filled long weekend with Kendra.  Sounds like everyone had a blast!


Over Columbus Day weekend i had the pleasure of being with

Kendra all weekend while her mom was in California and her dad was

working. We had a BLAST! I stayed at her house the first night, of

course we took a trip to the Cape Cod Mall, visited Sal, Ron and

Jackie at Hannoush Jewelers {on a personal note, i wish i could have been there to watch these interactions – faith!)  

and had a delicious dinner at TGIFridays!

On Saturday we drove to Boston and she got to see my dorm room and

meet some of my new friends at BU. We went out for a delicious lunch,

too! On Sunday we woke up and went out to breakfast with Peter,

Kaitlin, Alex, Caroline, Samantha and Larkin! Then, we hung out at my

house before going to Sully’s house for a visit. (We even got to see

the baby’s very cute pink nursery!) We played some band hero, and of

course went out for some Mexican food! Monday we got up early and

went to King Richard’s Fair in Carver, MA… we had a great time,

Kendra went on rides and even got her face painted like a puppy. We

went to the Tiger show and saw dancers and a magician. All in all, it

was a very fun weekend!


Sounds a lot better than the way i spent *my* Columbus Day weekend!  You go, Kendra!  Thanks for the update, Maggie!


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