T’was a Fair Day for a Fair

We started the day with breakfast on the beach and enjoyed a calm, beautiful morning.
Then, after lunch, we loaded up for the fair. We love the fair. The rides that make us sick, the food that makes us full, and the hot sun that makes us sweat.

Speaking of being in the hot sun too long, for some reason
Katie and Zoe decided to share the same outfit.

Gracie couldn’t resist hugging them.

Lisa gets advice before trying the rope ladder.

Her eye was on the prize, but the rest of her fell.

We had lots of delicious and nutritious food.

We checked out the animals in the barn

Pretty in Pink

The Counselor Crusher is our favorite ride.

The campers and counselors always look happier
before the ride begins.

Heather is determined not to get crushed.

After we returned, we had free time,
so some decided to play a “friendly” game of Monopoly.
(It is such a friendly game.)

Those evil landlords decide what rent to charge.


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