Party Day

Today Adam got to finish his fish project.
After catching and filleting a fish yesterday,
he cooked and devoured it today.
Nice job.

It’s all in the presentation.

Today was also the Fialkow’s picnic. We got to hang out in their pool,
ride on their new boat, eat, and run and jump and crawl.
It was a great day.

We got to ride on the party boat.

And then there were the races.
Wheelchair, wheelbarrow, sack, 3-legged,
and numerous other ridiculous ways to move.

Drew looks comfortable.

Is this the wheelbarrow or the stinky feet race.

Here comes Gary the speedster.

The Martha Washington Trio

That’s going to hurt.

We love the wheelchair races. No running!

And here’s the spanky-behind race.

A big thank you and hip, hip, hooray, to the Fialkows
the Olfaos, and the Simons for a wonderful time.


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