This morning the bell rang at 7:00, and the campers
scattered in all directions after breakfast.

Off to the skipper for some early morning fishing!


Manly boyscout fishing badge in progress.

Jess and Alex check out this sea urchin on their Chappaquiddick tour.

The Poge lighthouse tour crew about to embark!

Kyle walked all the way up to the top of the light house (with Chris in the assist). Check out those dimples. D’aww.

Our guest chefs cooked us a fantastic meal. Thank you Schwartzes!!!

We followed desert with an impromptu dance party. Yes. It was that good.

Fogey leads us in the National Anthem.

And then he scores!

Heather demonstrates her formidable b-ball skills.

There’s Chris on Chris. But wait, they’re on the same team!

Kyle and Kevin get ready for the jump ball.

Things got ugly when the best friends had to jockey for the ball.

It’s not a game without cheerleaders,
and this is the best we could do.
(They told me to say this)

And then there’s the “friendly” counselor game.

That’s one huge stinky group.


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