Over the meadow and through the woods

This morning the campers visited Morning Glory Farm.
They checked out the chicks (the baby chickens, that is) in the coop.
And Chris told his joke.
(What does a chicken send it’s letter in?
wait for it…
a henvelope!)

Kirk walked all the way up to the henhouse.
Good job!

Then it was off to the fields to pick some beans.

Wait, I thought it was carrots that were good for you eyes.

Roughage keeps you regular.
And we love regular campers at
Camp Jabberwocky.

Then, we headed off to the Leairds for lunch.
As usual, it was a delicious affair.
Thank you Kay, John, Katie and J.T.

I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 2.

Gracie and the girls.

Mo, Larry and Curly?


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