Parasailing and Jetskiing ? OMG!

This morning, the bell rang at 5:45.
We dragged ourselves down to the wharf and found a sweet surprise.
Thank you Back Door Donuts!

The crew from Ocean Sports was very professional and helpful, and just a bit worried that we might dump a few times in the waves, but have no fear, we are tough.
Some wet jet skiers assured us that they trashed their skis cause they had to pee.
(It had nothing to do with lack of skill)

Hold on tight!

And off they go. Ready to fly.

So, if you think these folks are pretty high up, you should see it from their angle.
The rope is 600 ft long, and they let it all out.
Hello up there, Kevin and Annie.

Two manly men from Momeraths.

Here comes James Bond on another adventure.

Don’t worry, Lisa’s got a strong grip.

Lean on me…..

Not only are life jackets stylish, but comfortable too.
Just ask Tori.

Kirk knows where he wants to go.

Dipping their toes to tease the fishes.
(and other big things that live down under)

Amy and Jeremy give it a try.
Hello Mac. The bus needs a tune up.

Our last group poses with the crew. Nice job guys.
Now go take a nap.


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