Kayaking and Eating, Yay!

This morning we sang and danced, and some of us went on field trips.
Tonight’s activities were supposed to be fishing on the Skipper and kayaking at Chappy, but due to choppy seas the Skipper trip was scuttled. (boo.) So, we quickly reassigned groups (we are good at “quickly”), redivided the sub sandwiches in coolers, and raced off.
( We are almost good at racing off and being on time)

One group took off in the red bus to Aquinnah (or Gay Head to us oldies)
for a picnic and to play tourists. We were also promised a special “tweat”

Here’s our tour guide. He was good but we didn’t give him any tips.

We love french fries and ice cream.

They kayakers enjoyed paddling and swimming.
(and splashing and dunking each other)
They got back late, and we are off early tomorrow for another adventure.
So enjoy the photos.
Good night.

Peter the paddler kept up with the group even though
he had to do it alone. (no counselor power)


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