The Play was …..

One of the important events before the play is shaving.
Everyone likes to look their best for their fans.

The play tonight went better than anyone could have imagined.
Here is our doorman Kirk, who welcomed everyone to the show.

As always, Hellcat started the show by capturing “The Jabberwocky” poem
in a way that only Hellcat can.

The show was filled with light saber theatrics, captivating dances,
and beeping and booping robots.

Our star performer Richard was able to keep everyone guessing
as to what he would do next.

What would a play be without terrifying storm troopers…

… and slightly less terrifying storm troopers.

Similar to the ending of the original star wars,
Steve Urkel ended up blowing the Death Star and saving everyone.

Everyone celebrated with a party… in the USA.

A special thanks goes out to Vicki who played the piano for the show,
as well as choreographed several dance scenes.

Our writer and director Brie.
Thanks for putting on a shell of a show.


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