One More Day!

This morning during play practice we had a special treat. A group of new friends brought some recumbent trikes for us to try. Counselors and campers had fun racing around
(sometimes in order to stop someone who didn’t use brakes or steer).
Most stayed on the hardtop, but we had a few escapees
who took off up the driveway toward the cabins.
A good workout for all.

Thank you Ken, Mary and Louise.

We practiced morning and night on the play.
Did get some beach time, which was sorely needed as it’s a bit warm here.
As you can see below, we have some pretty neat dance moves,
and some of us even know them.
Don’t forget, tomorrow night at 7:00. Your presence is requested.
The multi-talented Vickie (she cooks, she dances, she tells jokes) led us through some complicated moves. Go Vickie!


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