The Play’s the Thing

This morning we danced , practiced lines, and selected costumes for the play which is this Saturday at 7:00 in case you missed the announcement.
A small group of campers went horseback riding and got some photos to share with you.
Tonight we are watching a movie to give us some inspiration for the next few days. Should be an exciting and original production on Saturday. Don’t miss it.

Dory and Joe decide to double up.

After lunch, we had a special audience with “Drag Queen Ben” who came to announce the evening menu of an early Thanksgiving dinner.

“Her” Thanksgiving story involves a Native American, a Swedish?Hispanic? island woman, and a leopard/large chicken-like creature that they hunted and eventually had for dinner. Don’t know the origin of this story, but it made for an entertaining event.
Red is definitely Ben’s color.

Our talented actors – Andrew, Ben, Kristen, and Laura


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