This morning we sailed on the Alabama. We had to take a launch out and hoist folks up a rope ladder. Wheelchairs too. It took an hour. Since we only had the boat booked for 2 hours, we were a little worried that we would have to just start unloading and never get to sail. But, the captain extended our time. Guess he didn’t want a mutiny. We only lost one shoe, which Ben retrieved before it sank. Good job Ben.

That’s one very full boat. Hold on to Harrison!

Justin’s in good hands. Many hands.

Paul worked so hard he got blisters.

Happy Birthday James.

Sarah checks out the …watchamacallit.

Moriah helped steer us in.

Bobby loved helping the crew. Maybe he could be an intern next summer.

Getting off was a little easier, since we tied up at the dock.
I think an escalator would have been helpful.

With 5 counselors helping, Danielle got off safely.


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