Breakfast on the Beach, Yum!

This morning we enjoyed breakfast in a new setting. Thank you Drew, Mark and Annie for cooking. The food was great, and the sea gulls didn’t get any. (this time)
The Knowers had a mini reunion. What a handsome family. Time for the jokes. (Nobody knowers the trouble, I’ve been…) Keep a close eye on the back row.

Below we have some happy campers. Food, music, and great weather can’t be beat.

Hannah gets polished.

The Jub Jub guys enjoy the “shade”.

Our camp umbrella has a mind of its own.

Tonight we have Studio Night. Be prepared for photos of our talented campers tomorrow.
Speaking of talent, don’t forget our PLAY has been moved to next SATURDAY, the 7th at 7:00.
Be there or you’ll be sorry cause it will be splendiferous.

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