August Camp Finally Begins!

It was a beautiful day to ride a ferry. And come to camp. And hang out with your friends.

The Welcoming Committee. Small but exuberant.

I decided to pretend I was on the yearbook staff, and took photos of all the campers in/near their cabins. I may have missed a few latecomers, but I’ll get them in photos later. Hopefully you recognize some of the characters below. If not, maybe you are looking at the wrong camp.


It took forever for them to get ready, but it was worth the wait.

The “old folks” (Sorry Annie) We do things like doctoring, cooking, organizing, directing, and blogging. No, we don’t live together. That would be scary.

Tulgy Wood (’nuff said)

Styling in Slithy Toves

The Momeraths Men. Keeping it Clean.

Gyre & Gymble Girlie Girls

Jammin’ in JUB JUB

And then, there’s Bandersnatch

Our first Drumming and Dancing and Eating on the Beach. Is that you Katie?

Does that say “Dangerous”?


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