The Parade!

The theme this year was “Jabberwocky in Outer Space” which turned into a Star Wars theme and we won an award for our parade presentation: “Best Overall Everything”.  It was a great parade, everyone cheered for us and we were all tired afterwards and some of us threw up on our space costumes but that was nothing new except they were space costumes that needed to be cleaned instead of animals or princesses or something.  The second half of camp has begun!  Jo-Jo left but she’s coming back and we got a whole bunch of new campers and counselors to replace the ones we lost. 

It’s been a great summer so please come say hello if you are on the Vineyard and get ready for the best play ever: Fame! That’s the name of the play, “Fame!”, but we still need to write it and rehearse too.   Somehow we’ve got to figure out how to use all these space costumes in a play about a high school for performing arts…Anyway, tonight we are going to drumming at the beach! Sand in our fannies! Yes!

photos by sally cohn – Thanks Sally!


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