Ask and ye shall receive…

Here it is, folks. The first non-faith post of February. Courtesy of Maggie Raemer:


A few weekends ago my friend, Rachel and I planned and organized a benefit concert at my school to raise money for Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger in May. We worked hard to advertise and plan the event, selling food and providing information about the issue of hunger in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, not a lot of people from my school showed up at the concert, but I got an even better surprise! During the show, i turned around to see Michelle, Kaitlin and Kaitlin’s friend, Alex walk into the theatre. And next to them? KENDRA! None of them had informed me that they were coming to the concert, and it made me SO happy to see them there! After i realized what was going on, i started to cry tears of joy! It meant so much to me that they took time out of their busy days to pick up Kendra and drive all the way to my school (located in the middle of NOWHERE) to support me. We had such a good time, and of course, Kendra now has a few boyfriends from my school! A BIG thank you to Michelle, Kaitlin, Alex and Kenny! Love you all!


Now see, this is the stuff i love to write about. Surprises. Impromptu adventures: full of Jabberwocky support, friendship, and love.

Nice job Michelle, Kaitlin, Alex, and Kendra. Your field trip made Maggie’s day!

Keep these stories coming! 🙂

jabber love,



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