This is the year 2010: a clean slate of sorts. Our days are filled with unknown adventures ahead. Maybe this year is full of promise. Maybe this year will be better than last. Everyone is full of hope.

At the beginning of January every year, millions of people make resolutions. They resolve to do all sorts of things: look better, feel better, get healthier, finish what they started, learn new skills, hone talents… the list goes on.

And for the majority of us (or so they say), by the end of January, those same resolutions are broken and tossed aside. I know this is true in my case; this year i’ve made several resolutions, and already, only 11 days in, i’ve broken most – but not all – of them.

So why do we make resolutions, anyway? i’ve been thinking a lot about that these past few days. And i don’t claim to have answers. but in my own mind i’ve settled things this way…

From my perspective, New year’s resolutions should be seen as baby-steps. A trial run. And the reason why most of us (or at least the reason why *i*) can’t/don’t stick to them, is because my resolutions are not built in “baby-step” format. they are these gigantic, sweeping, grandiose ideas that require me to bite off more than i can chew before i even start. And change, any kind of change, is often difficult for me. So, instead of living in fear or frustration, i give up.

But i’ve been thinking; what if i broke them down? What if i cut myself some slack? What if i said, “for the next 3 months, i’m going to eat two more servings of vegetables a day, then i’ll see where i am” instead of, “this year, i’m going to eat healthy!”?

And what if, instead of saying, “this year i’m going to take better care of my body,” i say

“for the next month, i’m going to go to bed an hour earlier and spend some time – once a week – doing something special just for me, just because… (believe me, adequate sleep and less stress can do wonders for ANY body). then i’ll re-evaluate, and see where i am.”

you get the idea, i’m sure. these are less overwhelming, more manageable steps. what one might label “attainable goals”.

and as we get good at the baby steps, we can take bigger steps. I mean, realistically, we can’t maintain an effective and lasting peace in this world if we can’t stop bickering with our siblings, our parents, our neighbors, our co-workers… Right?

Baby steps. Stop kvetching so much. Find something nice to say to someone – even when it’s difficult. Then you can re-evaluate.

so… i don’t know about you… but i’m going to reframe my New Year’s resolutions. Break them down into smaller pieces. Baby-steps even.

And here, on January 11th, i am going to celebrate New Year’s. I’m not even going to wait ’til midnight. 🙂

Happy New Year, folks!
Camp will be here before we know it!

Until next time,

Oh yeah; one of my resolutions? Blog on a much more consistent basis. But, i’ll need your help, you know. Fill me in on what’s going on in your lives: what you did during your winter break (if applicable), any times y’all got together… share these things with me and i will post them.

Otherwise, you’ll just have to read more of my ramblings… 😉

stay strong and keep smiling!


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