Hey all –

Look what i found in my email-box this morning…


Hi Faith Sam Wood here.
I was able to go to the 5K Race. it was quite fun. i met some of the counselors on the boat on Saturfay morning. Michelle, Kyle, Pete, Claire, Abouyjo {Amulya} and his girlfirend Cara.

{is there something you’d like to share with the class, Amulya?)

We had a very fun time ther at the farm and got to see all the other casmpers from August and all the counselors.
It was stinking great. I am gonna try to send you send photohs from the day


Sam did send photos along. and, once i figure out how to post it, i will do it. i just have to do some tinkering to figure it out…

This is what i’m talking about folks. I’m loving all this input! It makes the blog so much more interesting – instead of just me rambling all the time.

Thank you, Sam for your take on things. I really appreciate it!

Jabberwocky love,



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