That’s Fair!

This morning, a small group of us went sailing while the others stayed back for play practice and morning activities.

Here is a picture of Chris being a big help hoisting the sail. We would like to thank the people who invited us on this trip and made it such an awesome ride (I wasn’t told their names, I was just told they might look at the blog).

Here are our drum artists preparing for their musical debut.

Margaret and Fogey are practicing playing the face game.

Gary gets ready to snatch the baby brother away.

Pottery allowed for a nice break up of the long and arduous task of play practice. Thanks, Brent.

After a long morning, we headed off for the fair. I tried to feature almost every ride in the pictures. Here is Jeremy looking unsure of his decision to try out this puke-machine.

Heather is enjoying the slide.

Emmy is showing how to ride the “counselor crusher” in perfect form.

Athena is letting her hair flow out on the Aladin ride, and no I did not spell that wrong.

After the fair some of us headed out for some nice moonlight kayaking, the pictures would be more moonlighty, but those didn’t come out as well.


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