This morning we woke to our normal activities for the first time in over a week. We started with music and then split up into small groups to practice for the play, play games on the hard top, and do pottery.
Here is a group rehearsing a scene that they wrote for themselves.

Another group practiced their rendition of “Magic Dance,” which they sing better than Bowie.

Dave tries to play defense, but kevin is just too quick.

We also had an additional activity of corn shucking.

Then we went to the beach for a quick dip.

After dinner, we rushed off to the tabernacle concert before illumination night. When stars and stripes came on, Cy just couldn’t control himself.

Gracie treated everyone to her version of amazing grace.

Here is our very own Mac playing in the band. I like to think of him as the Deus Ex Machina of camp.

Peter poses in front of the very first Jabberwocky house, in which 6 campers and Hellcat spent their first couple of summers together. Wow, how things change over 56 years.

Ok blog, lights out!

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