More Visiting…

Hey All –

Just thought you’d like to hear about more visiting going on in our little (big) family. Here is an excerpt of an email i got from Brent Rydin – a counselor who was new to us this year … and hooked for life, i believe… 🙂



Seeing Dominic was INCREDIBLE. I had forgotten to pack a lot of his stuff and didn’t have his parents’ number for a while but I finally got in touch with them and they’re on the Cape and I was going off-island anyways and so they met us at the ferry. It was me and {Kaitlin} Burkle on the boat and Maggie and Brynn picked us up so we all got to see him and meet his mom. He was adorable as always, he thought we were going back to camp and he hugged his mom goodbye and said he wanted to go to Slithy Toves. It was the cutest freaking thing ever.


This just further proves what i have always believed: love – when you experience it – is incredible. and Camp, being a place filled with love (and acceptance) almost becomes an addiction. You want to feel this way over and over and ….

Have a frabjous day folks!
Jabberwocky love,



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