Just Another Manic Monday

Today we had a crazy day where we ran from activity to activity until we were all exhausted enough to pass out.
We started out with another pool party at the local country club, here is Daniel playing.

Gary Grove is prepping for the cool and calm waters.

Fogey and Jeremy are entertaining some guests.

Mr. T pity’s the fool that won’t swim with him.

As per Michael’s request we had a quick dance practice before heading out to our next activity.

We rushed back to camp, changed our bathing suits and loaded up to go clamming.

Here is Andrew checking out a starfish… wonder if it feels clammy?

Next we went galumphing to the beach for drumming with Rick. Some of us took advantage of this trip to take a much needed rest break.

Some of our campers got in on the drumming to give some tips to the professionals.
Heather had a really good time just dancing.

We also had a very special guest visit us at drumming on the beach. We have all missed Nathan  and it was the perfect cherry on top of our very long day.


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