The Race

This Morning we woke up early for our 5k race. We had more than 500 people sign up and raised over $30,000 for Camp. Thanks to everyone who ran/donated to our cause, we truly appreciate what you did for our camp.
Here are the Colmers, our doctors this week, prepping for the big race.

Here is everyone waiting for a turn at my kissing booth (Its behind the port-a-potties).

Kirk is mooing like a moose, and Bobbie is cheering on the runners.

Pictured here are the day’s big winners. Wes clocked in at 16:22 while Delson was just happy to make it through the whole 5k on his own two feet (Delson also got a standing ovation when he finished).

Here is the start of the 1/2 mile fun run. I was told by Peter that he set a new record.

The Vineyard sound gave us a rip roaring concert to bring an end to an amazing race. Once again thanks to everyone who contributed.

After the race we all took time to chill out at the beach.

Since Lisa managed to run nearly the entire race while pushing Torie’s wheel chair, (seriously) I chose to grant her wish of putting a jumping picture on the blog, you’re welcome Lisa.

We also had a special visitor today at camp, Kayla. She was supposed to be a counselor this year, but ended up being hit by a car and breaking her arm. Here she is meeting one of our favorite campers, Emeline.

Next Saturday we are all putting on a great play at Jabberwocky and everyone is more than welcome to come. I am told it starts at 7:30 PM but I will keep everyone posted. Here is a sneak peak of some of our dance moves.

Today some of our best counselors had to leave to go back to the real world. Here is Michael and his father, who both did an excruciating amount of work for camp and the race. We would not have been able to pull off camp without them. They will surely be missed. Until next year…


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