Rainy Thursday

Today we said goodbye to our friend James Brown. We’ll miss you James!

But we also had a surprise visit from Chris Bryant, who came to camp to hang out for a day.

While the Jub Jub campers and counselors went to Chilmark Chocolates, the rest of us stayed back to play some hardcore musical chairs.

Everyone was happy to make signs for the 5k race coming up SATURDAY!!! If you are nearby come and run with us!

After the morning we headed out to the basketball court instead of the beach since it was raining. Here’s a picture of the intense wheelchair basketball.

Before we headed home to get costumes for our dance, all the campers posed for a picture.

Holly and Adam give an example of how to pick great costumes by throwin it old school with some Cowboys & Indians.

After dinner, we had Prom Night in the studio with some questionable song choices by DJ Bwizzurp. No complaints, though, with “Who Let the Dogs Out”.


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