Out to Lunch

This morning, we woke up and had a small breakfast and a quick music class. We then changed for the beach and headed out for lunch at The Net Result, where we all had more fried food than anyone could ever need.
Here is our Captain Jack deciding how many clams he can eat.

Everyone patiently waited for their food.

We gave our three cheers and headed off to the beach for one of the longest beach days anyone has ever experienced.

Today everyone decided to take pictures at the beach, so after weeding through literally 300 pictures I narrowed it down to the top five, in no particular order.

We haven’t had a Peter muscleman picture yet this year, so heres a treat for everyone.

Josh makes the risky move of taking Snuggles out to sea.

Reading at the beach is controversial, but Stacy made a request, and our campers get what they want.

For dinner we had a guest chef family, which gave us one of the most delicious dinners anyone could imagine, ever.

We were so lucky to share our yummy meal with the farmers who provided us with many of the raw ingredients from the farm. Here they are enjoying our company.

And finally it was one of our favorite campers’ birthdays, so we treated Chris with a delicious chocolate wedding cake, for his birthday. Happy Birthday Chris!


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