And we’re back….

So here it is: Faith Carter’s first post-Jabberwocky ’09 blog post.

I don’t know how it is for y’all, but it is a serious culture shock for me the first several days after returning from camp. Especially on the day that we leave the Vineyard. We go from eating breakfast with ~80 friends, to most of us eating lunches by ourselves. Personally, for me, it’s hard to get used to the silence. Anyone else go through this?

The other weird thing for me is that for about a week or so after returning home, i continue to wake up to bells at very close to 7:30 am. Of course the bells aren’t real (i can’t imagine how the senior citizens in my apartment complex would deal with that!), but i hear them nonetheless. Depending on whether or not my PCA has already arrived, i say “Good morning, Camp Jabberwocky!” (after all, August session is still going on). but it doesn’t have the same “umph” to it as JoJo’s daily greeting. But i try… πŸ™‚ lame, i know…

Speaking of August Camp, i know that there are still some of our faithful friends spreading Jabberwocky love. Eliza is stopping by the pottery cabin every now and again, and Brent, Samantha, and several others (sorry, i can’t remember who all stayed – if i forgot your name, i apologize) are lending a hand and sharing smiles as well. How cool. I’ve always know how addictive camp can be; i think now others are starting to realize it too.

The post camp visiting has started already as well. To my knowlege, Claire has gone to visit Nancy Jesseau. I believe Brit has already had some visitors as well (at least i believe that’s what i’ve heard). Folks, these are the things i *love* to hear about! if you’ve hung with some camp people and had some adventures – or even if you just have something you want to share – let me know! With your permission (i will always ask first if you don’t give me the go-ahead from the start), i will post some or all of what you tell me – and we can all join in the laughs and such. I’ve always considered us to be family, and sharing in this way can help us to stay close throughout the “off” months as we are scattered hither and yon…

So please, tell me what’s going on in your lives! Inquiring minds want to know! πŸ™‚

It’s nice to be back blogging with you again. I hope you will enjoy the updates as we travel through the year together.

Again, please feel free to let me know if there is anything special you want posted. I will do my best.

“Jabberwocky love,”


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