A New Beginning

So our resident crabby blogger had a family emergency to take care of so that leaves her favorite(I think) son to do the blogs for the rest of camp.

Last night we picked up some lovely dentists from Harvard who were a little wide-eyed when they entered our bus, but they were quickly swooned by our sweet songs.

And everybody knows what we get when the dentists show up, FREE STUFF!!!

The campers pick up some tips about how to get clean teeth.

We also made some pretty watercolor “Thank You” cards to send out to all our friends who donate food and supplies to camp.

After our morning activities we had a quick lunch and headed to the beach. We have no pictures of either of these experiences, partly because I’m sure you’ve all seen enough pictures of the beach, and partly because I forgot the camera.

We then took a quick shower and went to the beach(again) to see a sunset. Here are the boys patiently waiting for some delicious food.

There was also some good old fashioned Jabberwocky lovin on the beach.

The Cheeseburger Trifecta

Thank God for Vicki

A perfect end to a perfect day.

See yall lataz

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