Monday, Monday. End of Week One

We had another jam-packed day at camp. We wanted to teach the counselors how to multi-task (pack campers, do chores and participate in activities ’til dark) Jabberwocky style. They were magnificent.
There was a ” friendly” game of 4 -square on the hardtop.

Along with pottery, we held sign-language classes in the yurt (see below).
At the beach, Island Spirit Kayaks provided us with a special treat. Unlike last year, we managed to keep everyone in the kayaks.

And THEN, (notice we’re still at the beach) we cooked burgers and dogs at the beach so we could stay for drumming.
Did you want your buns toasted?
Our usual feeding frenzy

Drumming and Dancing

Tomorrow, we say goodbye to our week one campers. Then we rush around like nuts getting ready for the new bunch who will show up by lunch. Then we rock-n-roll. Again.

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